Below are links to more information about autism spectrum disorders and general employment resources. The links are organized by geographical region. Please let us know if there are resources we should add by emailing Kristen Gillespie-Lynch (




College of Staten Island Tutoring Options:


College of Staten Island Writing Center:

Education planner

Khan Academy: Non-profit providing free educational materials

Online Math Resources

Social Opportunities at CSI:


General Employment Resources

Autism Speaks Employment Tool Kit:

Autism Speaks Post-Secondary Resources:

Autism Speaks Transitions Tool Kit:

Career Stop:

Career and Scholarship Toolkit CSI

Cover Letter Guidance: :


Ladders for Leaders (Job training program): :

O-net Career Exploration Tool:

College of Staten Island Career and Scholarship Center:

Year up

Youth to Work Coalition



Staten Island

Autism therapists in Staten Island:

Institute for Basic Research (offers sliding scale diagnostic assessments):

Staten Island Autism Forum:

Staten Island Autism Resources and Service Providers:



GRASP-Global and Regional Asperger Sydrome Partnership:

New York Department of Health:

New York Families for Autistic Children:




AFAA-Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism:

Autism Channel:

Autism Research Institute:

Autism resources from parents:

Autism Society of America:

Autism support network:

College Autism Spectrum:

College resources:

First Signs- Early identification:

Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation for adults with ASD:

National Autism Association:

OAR- Organization for Applied Autism Research:

Parents helping parents:

Life on the Spectrum

Post-secondary resources for students on the autism spectrum:

US College Autism Project:




Altogether Autism: Information about autism and evidence-based treatments

Autism meet ups:

ASAN- Autistic Self-advocacy Network:

Autism Research Hub:

Autism Speaks:

Autism Resources International:

Global Autism Project:

Autuniversity- Resources for college students on the spectrum:

Danda Developmental Adult Neurodiversity Site run by neurodiverse people:

International Society for Autism Research:

Links to autism resources in different countries:

Wrong Planet- Online Community for People on the Spectrum:

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